A walk across the USA...

Walk Complete – now what?

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a crowd of incredible family members, host families, Kiva staff and supporters join us at the coast!


(If your visiting this site for the first time, please scroll below or use the ‘Post History’ bar on the right to follow all 290 + posts, videos and pictures of our on-foot journey across the USA)

I completed the cross-country walk on November 13th, 2010 in San Francisco, CA after starting in Lewes, DE on March 1st of 2010. This 8.5 month / 3,030 mile on-foot trek has forever shaped my life. Moving 3MPH across the USA ignited a profound trust in the goodness of strangers, the open road and the beautiful unknown. I’m so thankful to everyone who made this journey possible. 

Kiva Walk will continue to evolve as a unique community of walkers investing in borrowers and passionate Kiva.org enthusiasts from all over the world.  I (Jonathon Stalls) am now working full-time developing a Colorado based social enterprise called  Walk2Connect.  Walk2Connect is dedicated to taking individuals and groups on single and multi-day walking trips, instilling on-foot personal / communal connection and supporting improved walkability throughout our neighborhoods.  Please visit the Walk2Connect website to learn more; however, do take a minute to scroll below or navigate the 200 + collection of photos and videos documenting our incredible journey!

Kiva Walk will also act as a support base for others interested in walking as a tool to generate support for Kiva’s continued impact across the globe.  Please contact me directly for more information: jonathon@walk2connect.com

Enjoy the site!

Cheers for now,

Jonathon & Kanoa

We did it…

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Great picture by Bob Harris - catching the adrenaline before we dove into the Pacific Ocean - completing our 3,030 mile cross-country walk!!!!!

Great picture by Bob Harris – catching the adrenaline before we dove into the Pacific Ocean – completing our 3,030 mile cross-country walk!!!!!


Yup. Unforgettable…

12 miles today – 3030 miles total
Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA – Ocean Beach (The Pacific Ocean)

One of the best days of my life.

Words seem impossible in times like these.

An amazing walk and final day w/family, friends, host families & Kiva staff.  A beautiful walk through the city and onto the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Ohhh the emotion of finishing the walk and splashing into the salt water.  Still working through the bittersweet ending leading to a new beginning of lifestyle, pace, and direction.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude to such a colorful, beautiful and mysterious God who kept us safe, fed, healthy and supported throughout our journey.  Thank you to everyone (all over the world) who reached out, donated, believed and showed us the truest definitions of hospitality and trust.

Thanks you Jackie & Chuck for hosting us on our final weekend.

Cheers for now,


Video from our final steps into Sports Basement (after beach). I wasn’t able to get a video of me at the beach

Video from the walk through the city before the beach (Thanks Ben!):

INCREDIBLE day of walking through the city as we finished our walk across the USA – THANK YOU to all who came out to support us!

SOOO much fun – a day of perfect weather in San Fran for our final walk!

a perfect day in San Francisco…

Day 240!

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8 miles today – 3018 miles total
Sausalito, CA – Kiva Headquarter, San Francisco, CA!

What an amazing day of walking and sharing the last couple days w/loved ones – new friends & Kiva supporters/staff. I am truly blessed to be safe & healthy throughout this trip. As ‘our’ last day quickly approaches I am reminded of all the incredible people I have shared this journey with. WE are this walk. Thank you for your continued support…

It was so good to be re-united w/Kanoa today.  He is lying next to me in a curled ball after a full 2 days of riding in a car (Thank you Mark Ray & Ben Purner!) I unfortunately didn’t capture the video of us meeting, but it was full of whines – barks – and ‘frazzled’ excitement as we attempted to embrace. It is SO good to have my pup again for the last day!

More pictures and videos to come – I will try to get to a computer tomorrow to keep all of you at home up to speed; however, in the case that I can’t, know that I will post pictures and videos ASAP upon my return to Denver on Monday/Tuesday of this week.

A few from today:

An amazing haircut from a Kiva borrower in San Francisco – (more photos to come!!) – THANKS Opportunity Fund!

Here w/mother, Terri Brewerton as we stand in front of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco!

I am a lucky man to be walking w/such quality people – THANK you to all of you who are here and are at home supporting our final days!!!

Such a beautiful – perfect – day – here is the FIRST sighting of the Golden Gate Bridge – impressive!

Please click here to RSVP and/or share our event for tomorrow w/any & all contacts in the Bay area!!

Thank you again to the Kiva staff for your support and for allowing me to share on all-things Kiva Walk today over lunch.

Cheers for now – dang – ONE MORE DAY – *tear


Day 239!

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9 miles today – 3010 miles total!
Larkspur, CA – Sausalito, CA

An amazing day winding around Larkspur and onto the bike path that cuts the San Pablo Bay & the Richardson’s Bay – beautiful floating homes – incredible architecture – rolling green hills – crystal bay water – first glimpse of San Francisco – great connection w/locals Mark & Diana & a fantastic finale w/cousin Matt Sherman, Colin Kearney, Leina Chung, & 2dogs2000miles.org all-star Luke Robinson!

First sight of San Francisco, CA!

Relaxing in Sausalito, CA – floating home w/Diana sharing her poem:

Pictures from today:

First sight of San Francisco, CA - (under armpit)!!!

Floating homes on Richardson's Bay - IMPRESSIVE!!! (thanks Mark & Diana for showing us around)

Richardson's Bay - Sausalito, CA

THANK YOU to Mark & Kali Smith for taking us in - an INCREDIBLE stay - quality - quality - quality!

THANK YOU Steve Enzer for taking us in tonight in Sausalito, CA!

CONGRATS Lending Team on $400,000!!!! – Day 238

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Day OFF – Larkspur, CA

Video from today:

Congratulations to ALL of our Lending Team members in reaching our $400,000 goal. It truly shows how small ‘communities’ of people can move change across the world. I am SO proud of our impact!

THANK YOU Mark Smith of Larkspur for taking us in again tonight and for ALL the wonderful conversation – it has been truly refreshing!

3,000 Miles! – Day 237

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16 miles today – 3,001 miles total!
Novato, CA – Larkspur, CA

Another beautiful day walking in/through Northern California followed by a great night of QUALITY conversation w/host Mark Smith of Larkspur, CA.

Video from today (3,000 MILES!!!):

Pictures from today:

Leina cleaning up the lunch at local San Rafael, CA Yucatan restaurant!

Ahhh - our first sighting of San Pablo Bay!!!

A misty - cool - cloud cover finale to our walk into Larkspur, CA today!

Video from yesterday:

$25? – JOIN our Lending Team and make a loan to an entrepreneur across the globe!

THANK YOU Clear for taking us in last night!
THANK YOU Mark Smith for taking us in tonight!

4 more days!!!!

Cheers for now,


Day 236!

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13 miles today – 2985 miles total!
Petaluma, CA – Novato, CA

Beautiful rolling green hills – rich farms – happy cows & exposed trees wrapping and reaching for the sky captured our eyes as we moved towards Novato.

A few pictures:

THANK YOU to Payette & JC of Petaluma for taking care of us last night!

Loved the exposed trees on the soft hills...

so beautiful... 'I Rd' heading to Novato, CA

Great having JC & Leina join me today!

We also had a spontaneous encounter w/cross-country walker George Throop (who is taking some time between his http://www.enjoythewalk.org) – thanks for dinner & for helping us tonight George.

Can’t believe there are 5 days between now and the end… intense!!

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support & follow our journey across the USA.

Cheers for now from Novato, CA – Jonathon

Day 235!

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14 miles today – 2972 miles total!
Sonoma, CA – Petaluma, CA

Rain followed us throughout the day as we moved West into beautiful Petaluma, CA. The rich greens in the grasses coupled w/vibrant grape vineyards made the occasional down pour of rain light & easy.

I really enjoyed my time today w/local friends:
– a wonderful breakfast and farewell to Donna Campbell
– a great day of walking w/Leina Chung
– quality time w/Chris Barnett
– a very special dinner w/Winters, CA hosts Valerie & Michael Whitworth (and grandson Sam).
– & a BIG THANK YOU to our hosts for tonight: Payette & JC of Petaluma!

A few pictures from the day:

An AMAZING dinner & evening w/local Sonoma women last night (Robyn, Lucille, Donna, myself & Leina)

RANCHO VIEJO - dang - an incredible authentic - family owned - restaurant in Sonoma, CA - so good...

A little diversity in the sky never hurt anyone - a refreshing day of rain!

A 'double-team' of all-things Kivawalk signage & our first SAN FRANCISCO sign!!! - were getting so close!

Ahhh - so green - reminded me of my time on the Emerald Isle (Ireland)

Arrived: Petaluma, CA - beautiful

CLICK HERE for details on our Homecoming Arrival into San Francisco!

Day 234!

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14 miles today – 2958 miles total!
Napa, CA – Sonoma, CA

A great day walking through the captivating color of West Napa & into Sonoma. There is a strong ‘magic’ here & it is such a treat to walk through it. The people we have met and continue to meet are SO welcoming & genuine. SO thankful for our time w/Janet & Evan for taking us in and showing us around all-things Napa – ahhh, the joy in sharing these moments w/local people. We are equally blessed to have Donna from Sonoma taking us in tonight – as well as a wonderful lunch w/her at her favorite place.

Video from today:

A few pictures:

leaving Napa w/Leina

SO mAnY grapes!

ahhh, the palms...

SUCH an incredible view - Leina Chung continues to join me!

So beautiful...

A mural at the 'plaza' in Sonoma, CA

THANK YOU Donna Campbell for taking us in tonight!

Day 233!

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DAY OFF – Napa, CA

An amazing day off traveling & spending time w/new friends Evan & Janet here in Napa. The miles of rich vineyards, wineries & orchards can easily take one’s breathe away!

CHEERS to new friends in Napa, CA!

THANK you Janet & Evan for treating us to some great Napa wine! (pictured here, the 'journey' appropriate: 'Vagabond')

AMAZING DimSum @ local outdoor eatery!

THANK YOU Leina for coming ALL the way from B.C., Canada to join ‘us’ for a few days!

THANK YOU to Evan & Janet for taking us in!