A walk across the USA...

Day 234!

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14 miles today – 2958 miles total!
Napa, CA – Sonoma, CA

A great day walking through the captivating color of West Napa & into Sonoma. There is a strong ‘magic’ here & it is such a treat to walk through it. The people we have met and continue to meet are SO welcoming & genuine. SO thankful for our time w/Janet & Evan for taking us in and showing us around all-things Napa – ahhh, the joy in sharing these moments w/local people. We are equally blessed to have Donna from Sonoma taking us in tonight – as well as a wonderful lunch w/her at her favorite place.

Video from today:

A few pictures:

leaving Napa w/Leina

SO mAnY grapes!

ahhh, the palms...

SUCH an incredible view - Leina Chung continues to join me!

So beautiful...

A mural at the 'plaza' in Sonoma, CA

THANK YOU Donna Campbell for taking us in tonight!

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