A walk across the USA...

Day 240!

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8 miles today – 3018 miles total
Sausalito, CA – Kiva Headquarter, San Francisco, CA!

What an amazing day of walking and sharing the last couple days w/loved ones – new friends & Kiva supporters/staff. I am truly blessed to be safe & healthy throughout this trip. As ‘our’ last day quickly approaches I am reminded of all the incredible people I have shared this journey with. WE are this walk. Thank you for your continued support…

It was so good to be re-united w/Kanoa today.  He is lying next to me in a curled ball after a full 2 days of riding in a car (Thank you Mark Ray & Ben Purner!) I unfortunately didn’t capture the video of us meeting, but it was full of whines – barks – and ‘frazzled’ excitement as we attempted to embrace. It is SO good to have my pup again for the last day!

More pictures and videos to come – I will try to get to a computer tomorrow to keep all of you at home up to speed; however, in the case that I can’t, know that I will post pictures and videos ASAP upon my return to Denver on Monday/Tuesday of this week.

A few from today:

An amazing haircut from a Kiva borrower in San Francisco – (more photos to come!!) – THANKS Opportunity Fund!

Here w/mother, Terri Brewerton as we stand in front of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco!

I am a lucky man to be walking w/such quality people – THANK you to all of you who are here and are at home supporting our final days!!!

Such a beautiful – perfect – day – here is the FIRST sighting of the Golden Gate Bridge – impressive!

Please click here to RSVP and/or share our event for tomorrow w/any & all contacts in the Bay area!!

Thank you again to the Kiva staff for your support and for allowing me to share on all-things Kiva Walk today over lunch.

Cheers for now – dang – ONE MORE DAY – *tear


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