A walk across the USA...

Day 232!

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17 miles today – 2944 miles total!
Hwy 128/121 Intersection (near Lake Berryesa), S. Napa, CA

What a day – I am exhausted… the hills that sit just East of Napa, CA are beautiful – colorful – lush & full of spectacular views; however, they are steep – windy – and OH SO tiresome! I was and (still am) a sweaty – stinky mess. <-- just thought I would attempt to put you in the poor shoes of a young girl who tries to type at the Napa Public Library next to me...haha. ; ) I have a new - never met - guest joining me tonight from B.C., Canada - we will see how the night evolves! Lake Berryesa/Napa County, CA: (Video from yesterday - Day 231)

Today’s video: Napa, CA

A tough climb today - wrecked!


Incredible... this is everywhere out here!!!

THANK YOU Napa County Library for the extra time on the PC & connections w/in your community - specifically, Catherine Muth!

THANK you Pastor Bob of Lake Berryesa Community Church for allowing me to camp on your property last night!

Day 231!

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20 miles today – 2927 total!
Winters, CA – hwy 128/121 intersection (NE of Napa, CA)

THANK YOU Valerie Whitworth & the Winters Soroptimists for having me share all-things 'Kiva Walk' w/you!

ahhhh, the orchards here are SO beautiful

Putah Creek off hwy 128 - see the crane? National Geographic? I think so... ha

Lake Berryesa, CA - beautiful...

amaaaazing green/blue color on Lake Berryesa in Napa County!

Day 230!

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14 miles today – 2907 miles total!
Davis, CA – Winters, CA

A great day walking under the California sun today… enjoying this! (10 days left on our walk across the USA – CRAZY!)

Video from today:


A great breakfast w/Frederick - who shared his wonderful story/mission on his work in Colombia!

Ahhh - surrounded by almonds...

California's rich agriculture - good stuff...

THANK YOU Valerie Whitworth of Waters, CA for taking me in tonight!!!

Day 229!

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Day OFF – Davis, CA

These giant heads are the art of choice on the UC Davis campus, as they show up everywhere... loved 'em!

Loved, loved, loved my time exploring the UC Davis campus today. A truly unique & hyper-diverse intersection of cultures & nationalities …and ALL on bike!

THANK YOU Jill & Jillian Winchester for taking me in again & sharing your wine & zest for life - you are both kindred spirits and oh so close to my heart!

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Cheers for now,


Day 228!

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16 miles today – 2893 miles total!
Sacramento, CA – (North) Davis, CA

I’m finger pecking this update from a wirey bench in the heart of UC Davis. This street side bench comes fully equipped w/round sides for easy leaning & of course… a full on outlet for all your wireless needs. It is Halloween and I’m MORE than content keeping my night limited to a cheap fuzzy-haired hat & BOB. I’m exhausted from a full day of walking in the strong sun while also fighting the blizzard of traffic on the ’causeway/hwy 80′ heading into Davis, CA!

Video from today:

A few pictures:

a TRUE blessing to spend such quality time w/the Williamson family this weekend!

a 'negative' version of the State Capitol this morning!

BOB & I enjoyed Old Town Sacramento today!

beautiful American River...

cheap Halloween hair hat meets BUSY causeway traffic!

BOB wanted to advertise... as he was tired of facing away from traffic - so I let him turn

Made it to Davis, CA and will take an extra day here tomorrow!

THANK YOU Jill & Julian for taking me in tonight and to Kris for connecting us!

Day 227!

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9 miles today – 2877 miles total!
(East of) Arden Park, CA – Downtown Sacramento, CA

A very comfortable – slow – peaceful day walking on the beautiful American River Bike Path & taking in the urban culture of Sacramento, CA.

Videos from today:
(1 of 2)

(2 of 2)

LOVED visiting the State Capitol today - WHAT a beautiful place...

Downtown Sacramento, CA - known as the Tree Capitol of the World - it sure felt like it

beautiful campus!

THANK YOU Williamson family - this meal was SUCH a treat - so thankful

Video from Cameron Park Airpark – Day 225:

THANK YOU CJ Varela for joining me for the past 5 days!
THANK YOU Williamson family for taking me in again tonight!

RSVP & Share our San Francisco Arrival Event!

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Day 226!

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16 miles today – 2868 miles total!
Orangevale, CA – (west of) Arden, CA

SUCH a nice & refreshing walk on the American River Bike Path! Enjoyed my time w/CJ & the handful of locals who joined us and linked up w/us along the way. It was so nice to take breaks by the water – there is something about taking that ‘intentional’ time to stop – think – process – and just ‘be’ w/our natural environment… the rushing river water is a great way of doing that!

A few photos:

Ahhh - the American River - cutting towards Sacramento - so beautiful... (HUGE salmon spawning - flopping - and very alive!)

so nice...

Last day walking w/CJ - SO nice to have him along for the walk - a refreshing cloud covered day

THANK YOU Williamson family for taking us in tonight!

Day 225!

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16 miles today – 2852 miles total!
Cameron Park, CA – East Orangevale, CA

Great day of walking w/Josh & Amelia Andrews again as well as Lhia & Curt Casazza! Loved historic Folsom & can’t wait to get on the American River Bike Path towards Sacramento tomorrow.

A few pictures from today:

CJ massaging the Casazza family cat last night...too funny!

beautiful morning walking through Cameron Park Airpark!

'...I hear that train a rollin, its coming round the bend. I aint seen the sunshine since... I dont know wheeeen' - ahh, classic Johnny Cash landmark (Folsom, CA)

one of the first palm trees of the walk!

THANKS Casazza family for everything today!