A walk across the USA...

Team Captains Below:

Jonathon Stalls
Jonathon and Kanoa completed their 8.5 month 3030 mile kivawalk across the United States in 2010 and recently finished walking the Camino de Santiago across N Spain.  He is now the Owner & Lead Itinerantat Walk2Connect.  He holds a BA in Design & Entrepreneurship at Metro State University in Colorado.  Walk2Connect is also on Facebook & Twitter.
“I’m beyond passionate about getting more people in the USA to simply walk more.  I have been forever changed by my extensive on-foot experience and feel compelled to make it my life mission to see and lead others into increases personal, social and communal wellness while traveling 3MPH.”  – Jonathon
Feel free to contact me here:
Jonathon Stalls, Lead Itinerant
Walk2Connect LLC
3355 Hudson Street, #7226
Denver, CO 80207
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Education: Certificate of Achievment @ Colorado Dog Academy – Obedience Training

spastic – energetic – smart – loyal – mutt – beautiful – sensitive

A hybrid of: German Shepherd, Husky, Akita, Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler, and Dalmation…I think?

Kanoa (Hawaiin for the ‘free one’) is my 2 year old dog that I adopted back in June. He is an incredible addition to my life and will be a quality companion as we make our way across the country. He loves being set free, enjoys nipping, loves pork, and his floppy ear erases his ability to look fierce. His paws are huge and he rolls, digs, and prances – a lot.

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